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January 2018 Update:  Fix for 502 Gateway Error (please reload page) & New Website soon

Email us direct!:  jojocohatmakers@comcast.net for immediate assistance or FB live messenging

New Website coming! (powered by SquareSpace (Yay! this one is 10 years old)

Secure: In the meantime, this site is totally secure with the padlock in the URL.

The 502 Gateway Error gets removed by RELOADING THE PAGE or returning twice 2x in the URL and you are at the page you want to see.  example: go to URL, select, and return again. (host configuration too old for todays browsers, says my web folks …) hence the new website!

I admire you for getting thru to the shopping cart page.  If not, orders can be placed direct during this time,  and we use Paypal for smooth payment processing.  

As Winnie the Pooh says, 'Oh bother'      – JoJoCo Hatmakers of Chicago.