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e a r h a r t s

j o j o c o     h a t m a k e r s    o f    c h i c a g o

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since we have 32 organic colors & warm weights  to choose from, we created groupings called prismas  choosing colors for  ear-cover weather will be fun when you can choose your palette this way!

New offerings:


organic sherpa

beet 200wt

different rib

strength earhart

summer lightweights

private label with march order and min

free freight with $500 min


for every kind of wind

every kind of hike and bike ride

for every kind of day

creamy prisma,
cap:   ecru organic 2×1
swatches:   ecru organic, then thick organic sherpa, new
cream 200wt & cream 100wt,
next swatch row:  kings canyon,
nut organic
then nut heather organic
riley stripe organic

cool blue prisma

cap:  ice blue organic
beau blue organic
mission blue sweater rib 20oz
nut heather organic
cool blue denim organic
riley stripe organic, rib in any color
heather gray organic

gray and brown prisma

Cap: heather gray organic
swatches: suzie Q brown heather organic
bear brown (medium brown) organic
Coffee bamboo, a lightweight for summer
100wt polartec - mocha
100wt – van dyke brown
van dyke dark brown cotton
100wt – off the grid black, has a grid design
200wt – charcoal heather
also avail: black polartec & organic

lavendar prisma
Cap: lavandar 200wt
above cap:  organic lilac rain, new
medium lavender 100% cotton
pink purple navy ecru stripe
lilac 200wt

if you want to include light lilac colors,
pick a weight for the season you are buying for and you have a light purple for the season!

plum prisma

cap: plum 100% cotton
berry 200wt
purple 200wt & purple organic
eggplant 200wt
eggplant bamboo
moro rock stripe organic
beet 100wt & beet 100% cotton
ok here is fun for your customers:
add an alternate rib to a plum earhart (or any color)
plum/deep teal   .    plum/moss   .    plum/fuscia   .    or let us choose for you


blue blue prisma
Cap: three rivers blue 100wt
swatches:  Ocean 200wt, ocean cotton
Nubby Blue 300wt
prince blue organic
prince blue 100wt
prince bamboo
french blue org
johnny blue
ice blue organic
ice blue 100wt
bottom row: deep teal organic (favorite)
happy camp BlueGreen 100wt
navy polartec, Navy cotton
royal 200wt polartec
royal organic


fuscia prisma
cap: fuscia 200wt polartec
above : two tone fuscia/ dark fuscia
pink purple navy ecru stripe
beet 100wt
new klamath sap green 100wt, rib with fuscia or plum! YUM
pink polartec
pink interlock
riley stripe organic, rib with pink!

pom prisma plus pretty colors prisma
cap : pom 100wt polartec
left corner: muir red organic with airplane logo
swatches:  pom cotton 12oz.
pretty colors, feel free to make two-color earharts
muir red
clackamas moss
sierra brown
poppi orange
merrill green
johnny blue
below swatches:
beet 100wt
strawberry organic
peach organic

moss green prisma
caps: sage 100wt polartec
moss 200wt polartec
swatches: nut organic
sierra organic
mocha 100wt
moss polartec
moss organic
camel 200wt
clackamas moss organic
 muir red organic
moro rock stripe organic
neon lightning
14oz hawk hill sweater rib 20oz with susie Q brown organic
klamath sap green 100wt, rib with deep teal organic (!)
& yeti stripe ( bright yellow and mocha micro stripe organic)
which can be ribbed in any color
(    picture     )

the lightweights prisma
watch this space
for the for summer collection
available in preemie
white bamboo
khaki bamboo
dark fuscia
eggplant bamboo
prince blue bamboo

classic prisma colors
Caps:  new size, preemie earhart in navy,
and below in xs for scale
white polartec
red white navy stripe in cotton 14oz.
Red 200wt,
Red 100wt polartec,
red organic
navy sweater rib 20oz.
navy organic
orange 200wt,
orange cotton,
taxi yellow polartec 200wt
merrill green 200wt
merrill green cotton 12oz
camel 200wt
royal 200wt polartec
royal organic
acacia yellow 200wt

earthy prisma
nut organic
spike gray organic
deep teal organic
berry 100% cotton
clackamas moss organic
and muir red organic
many order this color combination
then add on a stripe or heavier weights

wintry prisma
polartec earharts  ribbed and handstretched
with organic or 100%
in all sizes
xs  s  m  l  xl xxl
ice blue
and navy

more shown above
ice blue
column 2
column 3
pom (like pomegranate)
column 3
acacia yellow
three rivers
column 4
off the grid black 100wt
purple and pink

executive baby gift  - drop-shipped fast! now includes a wonderful gift card by melissa rachel black of PDX.

Do you know about this line of cards? check out melissa

egg with (text) 'break on thru to the other side' , inside are your salutations.

egg with (text) 'break on thru to the other side' , inside are your salutations.

This card is will be included with your salutations inside with a basic newborn or larger fitting earhart cap of your choice, $21, includes shipping direct,  done, you sent a thoughtful gift in time for the new babe!  You will never be late with a gift again if you order the executive baby gift here, (earhart page, then scroll down)

Here is a choice of a newborn cap in Riley Organic stripe with jojo earhart logo.  You can choose any color in 'notes on shopping cart page.

Here is a choice of a newborn cap in Riley Organic stripe with jojo earhart logo.

Your friend’s baby across the states will love Riley organic stripe or choose any color, and they can have it 3 days with tracking number. Order here

a green choice

made in the usa since 1998 – before organic was cool.  Our organics come from Spiritex in North Carolina who ultimately ship to every vendor I know of in USA.


Introducing, (and proud to express that love wins every time,) is our LoveWins Earhart. 

 Our hope is that my friends that expand their families include this exclusive knit on windy days. Under ‘ Earharts’ on the Menu. $14

color page, here it is!  

JoJoCo Hatmakers of Chicago Colors & fabrics Page is new for you – find the color you want!  listing the colors below from lightweight to heavyweight. Recycled Polartecs are handstretched and ribbed with organic for our famous windproof fit.

New organic clackamas, (like the moss growing on everything at Mount Hood NP.)

new 100wts in Happy Camp, & Three Rivers blues!


100wt from Polartec LLC, all our fleece is from Massechusetts! shown Happy Camp Bluegreen and Three Rivers Bright blue, both ribbed and handstretched in Organic


New! Full Warmth Nubby Blue ribbed in organic - 200wt.

Want Blues?  My intense new blues in warm, super soft 100wt best quality polartec is ready to order & 200wt!  Above is Happy Camp  BlueGreen ribbed in organic, Three Rivers (intense) BrightBlue.  Below them, is new, Nubby Blue, beautifully ribbed in organic.

wow!  there are a lot of new items.

This one you will love.  You want baby to be techy?  Warm 100wt with grid! Pure Black with Let’s Go Outside Logo

off the grid black in 100wt. texture, tech, and great fit for baby under bike helmets or around Alberta Street.

and now for our yarn-dyed stripes!

newest is the almost neon yellow/mocha micro Yeti Stripe organic and pick a rib color!  

what is a Yeti?  

Here is one below, don’t be frightened, it is just JoJo at Mount Whitney Sequoia NP.

speaking of stripes, we are starting a line of poorboy, sort of a farrago  - stripes  - mixing stripes.  As long as they are organic and handstretched, it will be loved.

Available now under called Earhart PDX Robby Stripe organic with Max Stripe org. more combinations to come.  If you do not want to wait, I can send combinations by email


shown: Earhart PDX , Robby Stripe Organic, ribbed with max stripe organic

and a throwback is coming back

baseball babies!

shown: ecru organic stitched like a baseball. Also available in Pure White, and White Sox Black with cream stitching.  

Will update website with this new offering soon

baseball babies in ecru organic

Cluny Earhart $18.50 in organic ecru 2×1 with our own method of stretchable cotton cluny.  Here is a functional cap you can use for Christenings and dedications.  A fancier adorable everyday cap too.  Choose in our regular colors and design your own:

Pink organic or Pink Bamboo – White Cluny

Ecru 2×1 – Cream Cluny

Riley Stripe Organic or Baida Stripe – Cream Cluny


Ok, this is yummy with new organics and 14oz. 100% cottons made in the USA.  I am so happy I can say that.

Riley Stripe in Heather Gray and cream earhart cap.  When you do not know what color to get, here you go, the best neutral mini stripe in organic thick luscious softness.  Rib the ties in any color.  Shown:  Fuscia Organi, cool blue denimknit, ecru, heather gray, Nut organic, red organic, brown heather organic, moss organic, johnny blue, sunbrite, poppy, soft cherry, pom, muir red org, ice blue organic, mocha organic, sage organic – any color,

You can even request we poor-boy with another mini stripe rib, for an esthetically messy look for your baby!  I need to get a picture of that up here.  See new girl Baida Stripe below!

Riley Stripe Organic - any color rib

Riley Stripe Organic - any color rib

  • POM, a pomegranite, a deep strawberry, the new pink in 100wt or 14oz pure cotton – my new favorite! Photo does not show true pigment of this great color.

Newest in 2 weights. 14oz pure cotton, and 100wt - POM

Below are our 5 sizes pictured for  your review – in Ocean 14oz, thick cotton.

Always order one size larger so baby can grow into your purchase.  All babies heads are different.  Our sizing was developed with many babies heads and we have lengthened the cap in the back for size small and large with widening at certain parts of the cap to match growth at stages.  If your baby has a wide forehead at 10m, order an XL!

preemie available (4 lbs)

xs – newborm – 3m

small – 3m – 6m

Medium – 5m – 12m

Large – 10m – 18m

xl – 15m – 20m

xxl 18m +

Our 5 sizes for babies growth, shown in Ocean thick cotton

Our 5 sizes for babies growth, shown in Ocean thick cotton


Soft Cherry, a muted pink, Baida Stripe

  • Van Dyke Brown in 100wt, deep brown, love.


Van Dyke Brown 100wt earhart, size medium

  • Havasu Blue (Turq) in 14oz organic – for boys & girls – clear and blue!
Havesu Blue Turq Organic earhart

Havesu Blue Turquoise like the lake in Grand Canyon National Park

  • Spike Gray : thick 14oz organic.  There are colors in this gray. Nice with airplane logo.


Spike Gray Organic, a 'Spike" is a trail trip to get a job done

  • Nut organic:  a sweet tan, a nice neutral.


nut organic, nuttier deeper than ecru organic

  • Mocha 100wt, Berry polartec. Berry pure cotton (not shown)

Lets take a break!  Let me introduce you to a  favorite blog - Your Fonder Heart

I love this blog and the writer – emma summer for relevant reading!


Mocha 100wt, Berry polartec.

mocha 100wt ribbed in mocha organic, berry 200wt, ribbed in berry organic

  • Here is eggplant 200wt, shown without logo

    eggplant 200wt. We also have purple ribbed in purple organic



  • deep teal organic, another great pure blue-green, actual fabric is darker than this.

 Deep Teal Organic Earhart

  • Muir Red:  a claret, but not dark. Not as bright as red. for boys and girls

100% 14oz. cotton


muir red organic, for boys and girls

  • Lightning, a neon yellow green! (no picture yet)

  • Above Nubby Tan ribbed in Nut Heather Organic, super soft!  Other Nubby colors are Blue, red, cream, mocha, tarragon
  • Poppi Orange, a nice weight, sunny orange,  Order Orange for a perfect true orange


poppi orange

  • Mocha Nubby, a nice warm brown nubby polartec & matching organic rib. no pic

Mocha Nubby is next to French Blue

  • My favorite blue available in (2) weights, Prince Blue cashmere 100wt polatec, ribbed in Prince Organic, also available in Prince Organic earhart for all seasons.  100wt in this blue has only a 30% stretch maybe because of the brushed texture.  Order one size larger.


Prince Cashmere 100wt earhart ribbed in prince organic, order up one size

  • Turquoise 100% Cotton.


Capri Organic

  • Below, Here is sweater rib 20oz organic in Hawk Hill


Hawk Hill sweater rib 20oz. Inspired by the high point at Golden Gate National Park, sort of military. we will rib in in a brown too, Use Notes

  • Here is Hark Hill sweater rib ribbed in Suzy Q brown heather organic, my favorite!


  • also Klamath Sap green 100wt, inspired by Klamath NP, in Norcal (no pic, sorry)
  • Lavendar 200wt, a girly bright
  • Robby stripe organic ribbed in red organic.  You can rib Robby stripe in any color or another stripe for a poorboy look, Just request in notes
  • New Baida pink, natural, navy, purple stripe in thick pure cotton


robby stripe organic. ribbed in any color or another stripe, Use notes!

  • Fuscia Organic and see Fuscia 200wt polartec

Fuscia Organic, when you do not know what color to get for baby girl.


Fuscia 200wt polartec ribbed in fuscia organic, all made in the usa

  • Shipping for 2012:  Still $3 flat rate for 1 to 3 caps to one location
  • mmmm . .  3 caps, If sending a gift, our canvas lunch bag with tie and velcro hold up to 3 earharts (xs,s,m).

If in doubt, go one size larger.  The baby will grown into it, as earharts are all season.

  • Basic * Organic & polartec earharts $12, 100% Cotton $11, xxl add’l.

Here are some feminine styles.  Wonderful if you know if it is a girl and lovely dedication gift

Shown in white, cream, and pink 200wt, 100wt or in organic xs,s,m,l,xl. Preemie, please email us.