Rosetoppers in Polartec

Rosetoppers in Polartec

Original Rosetopper in polartec.  A baby girl?  Here is the cap for her!  . . .  Pure White 300 wt polartec with pink bouquet is the all time favorite and most sold.  Go a size larger always and for the slouchy fit.   Cold wash and dry flat.  Favorite color combinations below.  Send as a gift in the reusable lunchbag.  Note:  XS is very newborn.  XXL is $1 add'l.  Click on the picture for variations.

  • Pure White polartec cap, pink bouquet, sage leaves
  • Pink or cream polartec cap with Pinks & Cream Bouquet
  • Nubby mocha polartec, cream bouquet, same leaves  (shown)
  • Red Recycled Polartec, red bouquet, loden leaves

For a lovely christening 'after' cap, Use 'Notes' to request a custom all white cap .  The leaves and the bouquet can be christening white in polartec, or interlock.

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Rosetoppers in Cotton and Organic Cotton


Our original style named for Rose Spero and Rose Kennedy.  The ultimate coming-home cap and dedication cap – try Pure White Bouquet.  The pure cotton interlock or 12oz organic style is a snug stretchy pull-on.  We have been selling this favorite since 1998!

(Note: The Polartec version fits slouchier). The sweetest little girl cap ever.  Cold Wash dry flat.  Below are our favorite combinations.

  • Pure White cap, pink bouquet
  • Pink cap with Pinks & Cream Bouquet
  • Ecru Organic cap with Pinks & Cream bouquet
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