basic organic earhart pilot caps

Earhart Organic Basic Pilots in Pinks, Purples, and Stripes

from 14.00

About Pink: JoJo wore pastel pink like most, but chose Fuscia!

Here are our Pinks & Berries, perfect purples, and see our wonderful pink stripes! (If you cannot ‘pick’ one , go Prisma which will have 3 colors on one cap),

Other Ideas:

  • Newborn Gift: Send a Pink Earhart Basic with the best baby card with your salutations printed on the card at The Executive Baby Gift

  • For Rosebud Earharts or Cluny, see Earhart Bling

  • or have you seen our original Rosetopper (inspired by Rose Spero and Rose Kennedy)

Sizing :

When in doubt, reach out to us or go to the next size. Sizing is approximate because all babies heads are different.

xs newborn  -  3 months 

small 3 months  -  maybe 7 months, If your baby is 2m, order a Small

medium 6 months  -  12 months. If your baby is 6m, order a medium.

large 12 months  -  18 months Or earlier.

Some babies need Size L at 10m if they have a wider forehead or head.

XL 18 months  -  24 months or earlier:

XXL usually 2 - 3 yrs,

  • Preemie (4lbs):  Order a XS and at the shopping cart, request a Preemie.

  • XXL: Order a XL and at the shopping cart, answer all questions about head size,  and request a XXL. you can send us a picture of baby’s head too. We will get back with you same day if possible.

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