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Wholesale 2 - Earhart Prisma and Basic Organic - 30 caps

from 227.36

Wholesale Order # 2 is more on variety, & only 30 caps @ $227.36 If you like this selection, you are ready to order and add to cart:

This order includes preseason best pricing & these default colors, for the Fall/winter season. in advance.

  1. (3) Basic Earhart Organic colors . (in Moss, Royal, & Fuscia**) - 18 caps

  2. (2) classic Prisma Earharts as shown. - 12 caps

Instructions are:

  1. Add to cart

  2. Choose your Fall month for delivery & Add to Cart! . Ordering Preseason give you the best possible pricing!

  3. **Optional: Choose different colors on the Pop-Up Form. Scroll to the left to see many variations. If you want three more, add to cart again. We will compile and send a total confirmation

** You will see an option for Within Season’ This is considered a Rush or asap and we process Rush orders constantly. You will receive the order shortly.

Ordering Preseason $226.36, Ordering ‘Within the Season’ or Rush is popular, but 7% higher,

Here is what you get:

qty        30 organic caps

cost     227.36 (preseason for the next season). Includes freight.

Prices wholesale, preseason best pricing $6.75 u. for Basic, & 7.50 for Prisma.

style       Basic original Earharts with Logo, & Prisma 3 color caps

sizes       2xs  2s  2m in these 3 colors for Basics : Moss, Royal Blue, & Fuscia Organic

2xs  2s  2m in these colors for Prismas : Cap/rib/ties: Med Blue/Ecru/Heather Gray, Red/Ecru/Spike Gray


What you should know: Online ordering charges your credit card right away or Paypal. Make a phone appt, or email in your order for next season. We will charge, when we ship later on.

Can our Store change the colors and Sizes? Yes, Use the pop-up Form at the shopping cart. If we need to sub, we will let you know.

Is this the best pricing: Ordering in March/April for September thru December is Preaseason best pricing. ‘Within the Season’ or Rush orders are 7% higher. $6.75 is best pricing for an Earhart, $7.25 is a Rush Price.

Rush or ‘WITHIN THE SEASON’ orders is in the drop down.

See all the Wholesale orders 1-10. They are our best pricing.

if you order for now, choose the option RUSH. Unit Price is 7% higher. We will email you the ETA..

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