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Polartec Rastatopper

Polartec Rastatoppers

from 23.00

Here are our Rastatoppers. in sweet variations. There are 2 types.

  • Shaggie Rastatoppers, (see 1st photo: Pink cap as an example)

  • Original Fleece Rastatoppers ( see the Gray cap with Woodsy Mix)

Shaggie rastas have these choice of toppers & we make variations with them

Cream . Deep Red . Yellow . Periwinkle Blue . Fuscia . Eggplant . Mocha . Pink . Medium Brown

Original Fleece Topper Rastatoppers have endless combinations because we have over 30 colors and here are our favorite mixes.

  • Woodsy Mix on any color cap

  • Woodsy Mix - Girl : we add a Pomegranate or Fuscia strip and it pops!

  • Multi-boy - Primary Colors, plus Gray maybe on any color cap

  • Pinks & Purple on a Fuscia Cap, Lavendar, or purple polartec cap.

We have many combinations for baby which you will see on our Drop Down to order. We are always loading more combinations.

‘I would like a certain combination like Pink Shaggies on a Charcoal polartec cap for my Anna.’

If you do not see the combination you would like for baby to match a coat, email us

or use Notes at the Shopping Cart. Example:

‘I would like a certain combination like Pink Shaggies on a Charcoal polartec cap for my Anna.’

  • Order your size in any color in the drop down,

  • For XXL, order the XL

  • At the shopping cart in Notes for JoJoCo, tell us what you would like & be sure to answer the Size Questions.

  • Check back or follow at Facebook or Instagram. We encourage you to send us a coat picture to get your combination. we work quickly by email.

  • Send a gift!

See our Organic Rastatopper pull-ons with wispy airy toppers for new borns too. Another all-season cap.


Small - 2m to 5m

Medium - 6m to 12m.

Large 10m to 18m sometimes,

XL - 10m to 24m sometimes.

when in doubt go a size larger. these have a slouchy fit.

Rasta cap color & Shaggie or Fleece top color:
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