Out of Studio note:

- travel 1-22 to 2/1. Orders received after 1/18 will ship after 2/2.

Happy Red and Pink time!

Already I am seeing IHeart on my Iphone and on people! Back to Pink and Purple. We never try to be ‘on the nose’ in anything we do.

Shown are two Prisma Earharts for babies for upcoming hikes and walks. See and order here

For the pink and purple girls

Prisma Valentine Girl 1 - organic - Luscious Muir Red Cap, Medium Lavendar Rib and Violet Ties

Prisma Valentine Girl 2 - organic Luscious Pink Stripe Cap, BerryRib and Turquoise Ties

Prisma Valentine Girl 3 - Lavendar 100wt warmer Cap, Fuscia rib and deeper Fuscia Ties

For Earhart Boys: Here is our take.

Prisma 70’s! A micro mini Burgundy Stripe with Cool Blue Heather rib all around, then dark brown heather ties. Yes, this says Valentines Day to me for a beautiful baby boy. Just add any color rib to make it different.