2019 April Monthly

no matter what, start wearing shorts April 1st.


Don’t you love showing someone a place that is new to them?

In our small town of Cary or your town, don’t you look at the classically old things. I think I take those scenic walks to remember certain trees or where the deer sleep.

Whenever I take a walk, I look for the things that are still there.

Glad we walked the Carl Sands Prairie in Cary. it is suppose to snow today! Happy April

Say hi to Daisy at the Carl Sands Prairie, northern Illinois.

Say hi to Daisy at the Carl Sands Prairie, northern Illinois.

The perimeter.

The perimeter.

Like if you recognize this Main Street Barn.

Like if you recognize this Main Street Barn.

March 2019 - preseason ordering open for wholesale MARCH/APRIL


Janne Anderson here !

Hello!! I have been a little busy with GOOD THINGS! Wholesale ordering is NOW THRU APRIL which includes the best pricing.

Are you ready for our new Wholesale Pages?


  1. our wholesale information page

  2. our calendar for ordering

    best pricing is now!

  3. add-to-cart wholesale orders, preselected

This monthly newsletter is geared to our wonderful Wholesale stores and I am geared to making orders simple FOR YOU.

This is best pricing season.

Open ordering season for Fall and Winter 2019 starts now thru April 30th.

Private label is available now!

The calendar slideshow gives you ideas to order pre-season for

when to order your private labels

Pinks & Plums for Valentines

Baseball Babies for Spring and Summer

Rosetoppers for Christenings

animal & bee colors for Halloween

Red nubbies for Holiday

here are some faqs

can I still just email in my order?

Yes, with emailed orders received before the end of April, you will get the best pricing and we will send a PayPal, Stripe, or Apple Pay invoice at the time of the Fall Invoice.

will my credit card be charged with

the add-to-cart Wholesale Orders 1 thru 9?

Yes, it your credit card will be charged now with website orders like other sites. These pre-selected orders will ship in the fall with your preferred shipdate

for other questions, please see this page, update your information with us or contact us.

Janne Anderson

Janne Anderson

Wholesale Add-to-Cart Orders Summary

mmm, what do I want to order for fall in 2 minutes? Let’s look, shall we?

For all season & Spring - 1, 2, 3

  1. WHOLESALE 1 - is 4 Basic Earhart colors 177.86

  2. WHOLESALE 2 - 6 combinations in Basic and Prisma. This one is great & blends classic - 226.36 - 30 caps

  3. WHOLESALE 3 - Add to Cart and this groups features the rich WOODSY colors we offer in EARHARTS & PRISMAS 296.86 - 40 CAPS


  1. WHOLESALE 4 - are our original Rosetoppers organic or polartec

  2. WHOLESALE 5 - Handstretched Cotton vintage Cluny Earharts & Rosebud Earharts - 150.86

fall polartecs, order now for best pricing

  1. WHOLESALE 6 - 4 PRISMA EARHART COLLECTIONS - 16 3- color polartec caps 134.86 or 32 caps, 294.86

  2. WHOLESALE 7 - Here you go, Pick 3 Basic Earharts in warm polartec. 3 Designed to add POLARTEC EARHART COLORS QUICKLY. $137.39 at a time.

  3. WHOLESALE 8 - Pick 8 in Basic Polartecs, Boom! Done for Fall!! 24/7 $452.00

  4. WHOLESALE 9 - is a wow selection of color, Prisma 3-color earharts $495.86

  5. WHOLESALE 10 - are our classic original Rastatoppers 4 sizes, 4 combos, 159.89

February 2019 Post - JoJoCo Hatmakers of Chicago

Revitilize and then some things should never change

A winter vacation, especially one with a best friend, new friends, in a new tropic, a little third world, during a polar vortex will always make you appreciate everything around you.

This is what I appreciated. Coming home, opening up the deck door to a familiar snow sight and sound.

Quiet with children laughing going down the hill. May that never change!

our sledding hill. remember when the snow gets thin and you want to go sledding anyway?

our sledding hill. remember when the snow gets thin and you want to go sledding anyway?

Back to the Bandares Bay, so Mexico does not need any headwear. They need less closets than we do. I have always known this. Less truly is more. Less in your head, less on your list . . .

What is lovely about each adventure is it’s influences. Seeing Greece in Mexico is a nice jolt. I saw India. I met folks from the UK, Switzerland, and other places wanted this place to be their home.

San Pancho or also known as San Francisco, or I like to think of it as the Nantucket or Cape Ann of Mexico. Many influences dwell here. Hilly and quiet, unlike Puerto Vallarta.

San Pancho or also known as San Francisco, or I like to think of it as the Nantucket or Cape Ann of Mexico. Many influences dwell here. Hilly and quiet, unlike Puerto Vallarta.

I had a driver that took me thru the rain forest in the Sierra Madres. His name was Ricky Ricardo for real. For that I will never forget him! He knew about every plant and Mexico protects their forests.

I always try to sit in the front seat. On the way back he knew what I wanted to see. Where are all the workers? Where do they work? Nestled next to the hills to the east, are open air sewing rooms, and wood workers. Made in Mexico. bless their hearts. I think this area should be a tour.

One beach day, my friend and I made friends with the beach vendors. They get waved away 500 times a day. No Gracias, we say, one hundred times, like you do in Bangkok, and many other places.

Not that day. We invited them to sit and tell us about silver. Or their families make these purses.

That is my thing, our thing. We love handmade.

They rested, we chatted and we made new friends. Mexican people are the most respectful, lovely people. They look directly in your eyes and warmly smile. That is so true. They are our neighbors to the South. Bless them.

El Centro

El Centro

Trying to return to Chicago and you can’t, the airline, the forces, will not let you. You have to stay longer, alone, and this time go south to Marahuitos. Thank you . . . .



Happy Red and Pink time! Already I am seeing IHeart on my Iphone and on people!

Out of Studio note: International travel 1-22 to 2/1. Orders received after 1/18 will ship after 2/2.

Back to Pink and Purple. We never try to be ‘on the nose’ in anything we do.

Shown are two Prisma Earharts for babies for upcoming hugs.

Prisma Valentine Girl 1 - organic - Luscious Muir Red Cap, Medium Lavendar Rib and Violet Ties

Prisma Valentine Girl 2 - organic Luscious Pink Stripe Cap, BerryRib and Turquoise Ties

Prisma Valentine Girl 3 - Lavendar 100wt warmer Cap, Fuscia rib and deeper Fuscia Ties

Boys: Here is my take. Prisma 70’s !