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 Following JoJo . . . . age 2 . . .  pink earhart

Following JoJo . . . . age 2 . . . pink earhart

Welcome again!

It is our 28th birthday and this is our 2nd newly designed website for JoJoCo Hatmakers of Chicago and for our customers nationwide.

thank you!

Since 1991, we have had a love affair with the realness of organic cotton, sewing and designing, and color (1) and keeping warm with our own handstretched designs in ear covers for infants and toddlers as we continue to follow JoJo, where it began. in Cary, on the river.

our four weights for every kind of day

  • Organic Cotton in 34 colors. pure, no modal, no poly, milled in the USA - best for next to baby’s skin.

  • Sweater Rib and Sherpa organic - hard to come upon.

  • 100 wt polartec and recycled polartec™ 16 colors

  • 200 wt polartec™ (30 colors to choose from)

Our caps

  • The Earhart pilot cap, named for Amelia in 1991, handstretched for the windproof fit - newborn to toddler. plain to bling

  • The Rosetopper, named for Rose Spero and Rose Kennedy.

  • The Rastatopper

  • plain pull-ons

 the Earhart logo - 1991 to 2005

the Earhart logo - 1991 to 2005

We are now offering our wonderful hats direct to you by mail in all our wondrous colors, our collections.
My wonderful stores nationwide can't possible carry all of our colors to you! You may not know we carry Clackamas Moss Organic or Klamath Sap green Recycled Polartec, then we can rib in in 2 Organic cotton colors of your choice, like Muir Red and offset it with Sierra and these are called the new Earharts, the Prisma Earharts.

We have 34 colors in pure cotton which are easily chosen in our gallery, and a few lightweight bamboos. and we only use Malden Mills Polartec! Also, the next size for your baby will be available by visiting your favorite childrens shop

How the caps have always been made: 

JoJoCo Hatmakers, just before 1990. 

Judy Comstock Baker and I had a children's shop, Good Night Moon, opening a week before Eleonore Jordan (JoJo), my first, was born, Judy introduced me to pure cotton and what cotton is all about. I became very conscience of the difference in great cottons , then organics. I was hooked. No more polyester for us.

I made JoJo's first Earhart cap, when all her store-bought caps no longer fit and she still needed an earcover and we live in windy Chicagoland. JoJo had to go outside three times a day easily. She wore them until age 3. She would grab her Earhart at the door and say ‘Owsi??” which is Jordan speak for ‘

Lets Go Outside!

jojoco logo label lets go outside.jpg

20th Anniversary Logo - over 65,000 sold

Parents noted on JoJo's cap and after 10 months of prototyping sizes Small, Medium, and Large, the Earhart pilot caps were developed and sold to other Chicagoland stores. They can be found in many shops nationwide and catalogs and now - direct. 

our caps do not lay flat - not assembly line made

Each cap is hand-made and hand-stretched at certain comfort spots, then sewn, and then it fits.

This cannot be done in a manufacturing scenario.

A squarish look means it is assembly line made and you will have gaps and the wind will come through, then baby is cold.

My caps do not lay flat because of all the shaping going on with the exclusive hand-stretch method. 

Manufacturers will not make them the way they should be because of their cost efficiency. They would not stop and stretch at certain points around the face and neck. Our sizing is not an enlarged version of the smaller size. One of our sizes is longer in the back. Another is wider all around plus.. Larger sizes accommodate the larger forehead because of the baby's growth, etc. Recently, in 2007, sizes were re-evaluated and after 17 years, I have adjusted my size Medium, L, XL - larger. This can be my own scientific analysis that babies have larger heads now.

Thank you for visiting our secure website where you can purchase the next size for the next season, while your baby is growing, or drop ship your functional organic shower gift if you cannot be at the event. Dropship our custom organic canvas bag filled with earharts in successive sizes or send a Rosetopper for coming home! Inspired by one of my customers who sends an earhart in advance of her visit with a card, is the Executive Baby Gift. Send a newborn ear-cover and the next size too, to match the season . . . How thoughtful!

Who we give to . . . 

For years I have been inspired by people, and their love for people, or how they take their passion and not listen to anyone’s advice and they just go for it. I love how creativity on a finished project can be better and better with practice and devotion. You think ‘it’s done’ but with more love and practice, it is even better years later. That inspires me. 

Each cap has been inspired by someone like that. In their name, we hear from our nationwide roster of childrens store owners. They let us know when there is a child or adult victim of cancer. We dropship a pure organic pull-on directly to the child or adult whatever color or stripe that pick. I love that they never pick char- coal or black. It is always a bright color! We have donated many pure organic caps while they heal from chemotherapy and the color to inspire them turning a new corner in their lives. 

All of our fabrics are CPSIA compliant. Certificates available upon request by email or fax. 

Thanks for visiting our site - Janne Anderson, founder and president. jojocohatmakers.com -