200wt polartec in 3-colors

200wt Polartec Prisma earhart pilot cap

from 16.00

so much warmth, so many colors. we selected some combinations here for you.

not shown but being loaded up soon.are these NEW 200wt.Polartecs - Deep Teal Nubby, Deep Lavender, Treeline 200 wt.

Inspiring combinations for baby are pictured but due to too many variables, not all are in the DropDown list, but you may ask for the combination in Notes at the shopping cart page. We cannot list them all! Use the Notes Option freely.

Sizing :

When in doubt, reach out to us or go to the next size. Sizing is approximate because all babies heads are different, but we have been sizing heads for 29 years! You can also email us a picture of baby’s head.

xs newborn - 3 months

small 3 months - maybe 7 months, If your baby is 2m, order a Small

medium 6 months - 12 months. If your baby is 6m, order a medium.

large 12 months - 18 months Or earlier. Some babies need Size L at 10m if they have a wider forehead or ‘egg’ shape in back of head (common).

XL 18 months - 24 months or earlier: Some babies need Size XL if they have a larger forehead or ‘egg shape' 

XXL usually 2 - 3 yrs

How to order theses sizes:

  • Preemie (4lbs): Order a XS and at the shopping cart, request a Preemie.

  • XXL: Order a XL and at the shopping cart, answer all questions about age, head size & request a XXL.

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