Earhart Pilot Caps - 100wt.
100 wt polartec earharts

Polartec™ 100wt Basic Earhart Pilot Cap

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100 wt polartec is very warm, but a lighter weight than 200wt polartec.

This is the real thing. Polartec™. non pill and 1st quality.

Ribbed in our organic cotton, handstretched at certain placed for the windproof fit.

For heavier caps, see 200wt polartec™.

For more colors on your cap, see the Prisma organic for all seasons, and under hoods,

or Prisma 100wt, or Prisma 200wt.

Polartecs™ run a tiny bit smaller than the organics due to a smaller stretch quotient.

100wt. Polartec Color:
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Earhart Pilot Caps - 100wt.
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